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УЖМБС 2020, 5(1)
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УЖМБС 2020, Vol. 5, Випуск 1

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Medicine. Reviews

The Structural Bile Ducts Organization in the Pathological Conditions
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 9–20
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Functional Body Reserves as an Indicator of the Regulatory Processes Effectiveness ensuring the Body Adaptation to the Environmental Factors
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 21–28
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Assessment of Complexity of Organ preserving Surgery of Kidney Tumors, Systems and Scales of Nephrometry
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 29–36
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Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Morphological Changes in Tooth Germs and Surrounding Tissues in Newborn Rats with Experimentally Induced Macrosomia
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 37–44
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Histological Structure of the Regenerate of Long Tube Bones of the Skeleton under the Influence of Chronic Hyperglycemia
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 45–49
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Dynamics of Neutrophiles Phagocitary Activity after Repeated Vaccinations of Laboratory Animals by Experimental Diphtheriae Bacterial Antigen Drug
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 50–55
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Folium as a Structural Unit of the Human Cerebellum
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 56–61
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Ultrastructural Organization of the Cervix Muscular Layer in White Laboratory Rats under Long–Term Opioid Influence
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 62–66
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Variant Anatomy of the Human Hyoid Bone on the Anthropological Materials from the Saltovo-Mayaki Culture Grave Field near Nova (Chervona) Gusarovka Village
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 67–71
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Immunohistochemical Characteristics of Proliferative and Apoptotic Processes in Testicular Embryonal Carcinoma
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 72–78
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Histomorphometric Analysis of Different Phases of Skeletal Muscle Regeneration after Mechanical Injury
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 79–84
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The Influence of Phetoplacental Failure on the State of the Fetus depending on the Age of the Mother
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 85–90
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Sperm Shaping during the Electromagnetic Field Action
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 91–95
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Clinical Medicine

Peculiarities of Metabolic Factors of Cardiovascular Risk in Essential Hypertension Patients depending on Body Weight and Gender
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 96–102
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Errors and Complications in Treatment of Patients with Posterior Foot Injuries
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 103–109
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Knee Meniscus Stiffness Indicators according to Shear-Wave Elastometry Data depending on the Presence of Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 110–114
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The Role of Mononucleotide G634c VEGF-A Gene Polymorphism in Patients with Myocardial Infarction in Acute and Remote Periods
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 115–124
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Peculiarities of Clinical Presentations and Long–Term Complications in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Metabolic Syndrome, depending on their Serum Triglyceride Levels
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 125–134
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Results of Modeling the Stress–Strain State of the Eye Cornea with Extraocular Muscles Pathology
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 135–142
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Peculiarities of the Clinical Content of Alcohol Addiction Beginning in Adolescent Age
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 143–148
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Early Incremental Mobilization in the Practice of Neurorehabilitation of Ischemic Stroke
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 149–155
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Bioimpendance Assessment of Body Composition as an Appropriate Modern Biophysical Instrumental Method for an Objective Examination of Therapeutic Profile Patients and Functionally Healthy Individuals
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 156–160
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The Effect of Levothyroxine on the State of Endothelial Dysfunction in Patients with a Combined Course of Arterial Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Subclinical Hypothyroidism
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 161–166
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Antimicrobial Therapy in Conditions of Helicobacter Pylori–Infection
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 167–171
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Acute Monocitary Leukosis
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 172–178
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Indicators of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Activity in the Comorbidity of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Arterial Hypertension
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 179–186
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The State of Medical Assistance for Acute Coronary Syndrome in the Inhabitants of the Transcarpathian Mountain Regions
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 187–191
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Endothelial Dysfunction and Intestinal Dysbiosis in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 192–198
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Comparative Evaluation of the Prokinetics Efficiency in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Gastritis and Diabetes Mellitus 2 Type
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 199–203
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Features of Phenotypic Manifestations, Anamnesis, Connective Tissue Metabolism among Children on the Background of Acute Bronchitis
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 204–209
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Investigation of Connection of Polymorphism Genes of the Cytochrome P450 System and the Course of Resistant Epilepsy in Children (Clinical–Pharmacogenetic Comparison)
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 210–218
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The Influence of the Duration of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus on the Activity of Fibroblast Growth Factor-19 in Patients with Concomitant Biliary Pathology
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 219–224
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Risk of Acute Vascular Complications in Patients with Calcinosis of Aortic Valve and Ischemic Heart Disease
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 225–229
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Definition of Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity in Different Age Groups of Schoolchildren
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 230–235
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Assessment of the Factors Effecting on the Level of Adherence to Treatment in Patients with Bronchial Asthma
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 236–240
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Hygiene and Ecology

Biomonitoring of Lead Content in Bone Tissue of Residents of Ecological Contrast Territories of Dnepropetrovsk Region
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 241–245
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Using Chronobiological Approach for Assessing the Students Health Status for the Purpose its Preserving
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 246–249
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Health Status of 6–10 Year Old Children in the Dynamics of Study at Primary School
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 250–255
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Information technology in medicine

Health Self–Evaluation Using The Generalized Evaluation Method
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 256–262
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Determining the Optimal Individual Parameters of Solid Cast Pin-Stump Structures Using a Computer Program in the Treatment of Patients with Defects in Hard Tooth Tissue
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 263–268
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Clinical Evaluation of the Root Channel Irrigation Method as an Important Stage in Conservative Treatment of Teeth with Significant Destructive Changes in Periapical Tissues
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 269–276
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Determination of Strength Adhesion Indicators of Glass-Ionomer Cement for Permanent Fixation of Hard Tissues
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 277–280
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Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy

Condition of the Foot Arch in 7–14 Year–old Takewon–do Sportsmen with Flatfoot
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 281–286
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Physical Therapy in Functional Disorders of Posture and the Foot Valve in First-Year Students
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 287–293
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Effectiveness of the Application of General Extreme Aerocryotherapy in Treatment of Dyscirculatory Encephalopathy
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 294–298
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Clinical and Immunological Features of Secondary Immunodeficiency in the Forced Inhabitants of Donetsk Region Displaced from the Military Operations Area
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 299–303
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The Relationship between Mindfulness Meditation and Depression
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 304–307
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View of a problem

The Relation between Genetic Polymorphism of Long Non-Coding RNA Malat1 and Bladder Cancer Metastasis
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 308–312
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Rational Use of Drugs: the Value of Clinical Pharmacology
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 313–316
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Features of Research Potential Formation in Students of Higher Medical Institutions in Conditions of Innovative Technologies
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 317–321
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Peculiarities of Age Vegetology of Men in Young and Middle Age
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 322–329
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Features of Neurodynamic Properties in Schoolchildren with Information and Motor Activity of Different Intensity
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 330–335
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Biochemical Blood Parameters of Students in the Pre-Exam Period of Study
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 336–342
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The Frequency and Structure of Congenital Malformations in Rural Populations of Southern Ukraine and the Role of Genetic and Demographic Factors in their Distribution
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 343–347
Abstract | Full text: PDF [Eng]
Hygienic Assessment of Nutritional Status in Adolescents
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 348–353
Abstract | Full text: PDF [Ukr]
Expression of Long Non-Coding RNAs in Long-term Adaptation to Intense Physical Training
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 354–359
Abstract | Full text: PDF [Ukr]
Morphological Structure of the Thyroid Gland in Conditions of Re-adaptation after Cellular Dehydration Modeling
УЖМБС 2020, 5(1): 360–365
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