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УЖМБС 2021, 6(6)
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УЖМБС 2021, Vol. 6, Випуск 6

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Medicine. Reviews

Modern Surgical Methods of Treatment of Odontogenic Jaw Cysts (Literature Review and Own Data)
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 8–19
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Microbial Factor, Its Role in the Development and Course of Chronic Periodontitis, Current Research Direction (Literature Review)
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 20–25
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Osteoarthrosis and Combined Pathology: Features of Pathogenesis (Literature Review)
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 26–32
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To the Question about the Methods Used in Combustiology Practice to Assess the Condition of Patients and Predict General and Local Complications
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 33–43
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Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Features of the Lymphoid Microenvironment in Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 44–56
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Efficiency of Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis Modeling as an Experimental Model of Multiple Sclerosis
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 57–65
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Study of Correction of Somatic Pain under the Conditions of Experimental Pathology of Multiple Sclerosis
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 66–73
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Features of Blood Supply to the Bones of the Lower Leg in the Ankle Joint Region
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 74–79
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Macro-Microscopic Features of the Leg Muscles Innervation
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 80–84
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Clinical Medicine

Nephrological Aspects of Metabolic Syndrome in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on Peritoneal Dialysis with Different Clinical Variants of Coronary Heart Disease
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 85–92
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Analysis of the Link between rs4977574 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of the Long Non-Coding RNA ANRIL Gene and Prostate Cancer Development
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 93–99
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Optimization of Antiosteoporotic Therapy in Patients with Liver Fibrosis
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 100–106
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Prognostic Factors for the Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Patients with Ureterolithiasis
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 107–111
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Quality of Life and Respiratory Disorders in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases and Essential Hypertension: Look through the Prism of Apoptosis and Thiol-Disulfide Balance
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 112–122
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Peculiarities of Quality of Life in Patients with Pemphigus Vulgaris according to the Results of the Analysis of the SF-36V2 Questionnaires and Dermatological Index of Quality of Life in the Background of Glucocorticosteroid Therapy
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 123–133
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Glycobiom Lymphocytes Surface Study of Patients with B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 134–140
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Changes in Glycanic Determinants of Lymphocytes Membranes in Peripheral Blood in Patients with B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia under Antitumor Therapy
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 141–147
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Comparative Pharmacotherapy of Hypertension
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 148–151
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Hemorrhagic Encephalitis after COVID-19 (Clinical Case)
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 152–157
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Influence of Clinical Anamnestic and Psychological Factors on Adherence to Treatment of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 158–163
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Social medicine and organization of health care

Characteristics of the Relations of Local Government Bodies with Primary Health Care Facilities
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 164–170
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Results of Using Arthrocentesis in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders Associated with Fractures of the Mandibular Condylar Process
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 171–176
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Clinical and Sonographic Analysis of Biometric Indicators of Cheek Thickness and Cheek Fat Body in Patients with Different Face Types
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 177–182
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Forensic Medicine

Use of Troponin I as a Biochemical Marker for Diagnostics of Asphictic State in Mechanical Asphyxia
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 183–187
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Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy

Effectiveness of Physical Therapy in the Correction of the Functional Status of the Temporomandibular Joint in Arthrosis
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 188–193
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The Influence of Approaches to Early Mobilization of Cardiosurgical Patients on the Duration of Hospitalization
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 194–199
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View of a problem

Vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine. Safety of Vaccines
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 200–206
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease as a Manifestation of Enterovirus Infection
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 207–212
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Morphology of the Human Olfactory Analyzer
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 213–218
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Comparison of Adaptive Capabilities of Graduate Students of Higher Educational Institutions during Distance and Classroom Learning
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 219–223
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Modern Advantages, Disadvantages and Prospects for the Development of Education in the Context of Distance Learning in the Institutions of Higher Medical Education of Ukraine
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 224–229
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Influence of Low Concentrations of Carbon Monoxide on Metabolism of Isolated Heart under Conditions of Ischemia-Reperfusion
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 230–238
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Content of Mineral Elements in Rat Liver Tissue with Acquired Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Combination with Iodine
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 239–244
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Morphofunctional State of the Mature Rats Pituitary Gland under Readaptation Conditions to the Long Influence of Heavy Metal Salts Complex and Correction with L-Tocopherol
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 245–252
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Development of Inflammation in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Rats after Prolonged Administration of Alcohol
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 253–258
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Change of Embryotoxic Effects of Metal Citrates Depending on the Duration of Their Introduction
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 259–266
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Influence of Coherent Properties of Water on Biological Growth of Plants
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 267–274
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Cadmium Toxicity and Reproductive Function of Males
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 275–281
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Reactivity of the Blood Microcirculation System in Primary School Children to the Temperature Factor
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 282–288
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The State of the Neuronal-Astrocytic Apparatus of the Hippocampus on the Background of Long-Term Administration of Isoniazid and Rifampicin under Conditions of Correction of the Gut Microflora
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 289–299
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Dynamics of Changes in the Indicators of Mathematical Analysis of Heart Rate in Conditions of Adrenaline Myocardial Dystrophy against the Background of Different Functional Activity of the Pineal Gland
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 300–307
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Changes of Rat Embryon Nephrogenesis during Cadmium Salt Intoxication in Pregnant Females
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 308–315
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Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Justification of Hand-to-Hand Combat – a Service-Applied Sport as an Element of Special Physical Training of Law Enforcement Officers
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 316–325
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Influence of Special Training Programs in Bodybuilding on Reducing Athletes’ Injuries
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 326–330
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Dynamics of Power Indicators Growth in Bodybuilders of 18-19 Years Old at the Stage of Specialized Basic Training
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 331–336
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