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УЖМБС 2019, 4(1)
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УЖМБС 2019, Vol. 4, Випуск 1

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Medicine. Reviews

Pathogenetic Mechanisms and Ways of Preventing Cardiovascular Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 8–20
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Morphological Features of Healthy and Pathological Uterus
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 21–28
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Mechanisms of Developing Complications in Removable Prosthetics
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 29–34
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Functional Changes in the Organism with Hypothyroidism
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 35–40
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Experimental Medicine and Morphology

The Influence of Corvitin on Proteolytic Activity in Rats with Gentamicin-Induced Nephropathy in Case of its Long-Term Administration
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 41–45
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Correction of Submicroscopic Changes of the Respiratory Tract Components of Lungs with Phosphatidylcholine Liposomes in Case of Experimental Acute Renal Failure
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 46–51
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Immunohistochemical Structural Features of the Wall of the Fallopian Tubes of the Fetus at Different Gestation Periods from Mothers with Physiological Pregnancy
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 52–57
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Immunohistochemical Features of Endothelin-Producing Activity of the Ovaries Vascular Component in Fetuses from Mothers with Pregnancy Complicated by Pre-Eclampsy of Varying Severity
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 58–65
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Immunohistochemical Features of the Structure of the Fetus Uterus in Various Periods of Gestation from the Physiological Pregnancy
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 66–71
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Morphology of Spermatozoids and Features of Male Endocrine Status in Men Working with Agricultural Fertilizers
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 72–77
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Comparative Estimation of Biochemical Blood Parameters of Experimental Rats after Various Variants of Epidural Vessels Coagulation during Surgical Interventions on the Lumbar Spine
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 78–82
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Anatomical Variability of Gluteal Region Muscles in the Perinatal Period of Human Ontogenesis
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 83–89
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Immunohistochemical Study of Heart Morphogenesis Disorders in Rats in Terms of Lead Acetate Exposure at the Prenatal Stage of their Development
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 90–95
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Clinical Medicine

Electrocardiography and Ultrasound Diagnostics in the Examination of Patients with Epilepsy and Cardiovascular Pathology
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 96–102
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Treatment of Critical Aorta Coarctation in Newborns and Infants
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 103–110
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Dynamics of Carbohydrate Metabolism Markers in Patients with Increased Body Mass Index with Polytrauma
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 111–117
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Clinical and Pathogenetic Values of Hyponatryemia in Patients with Subarachnoidal Hemorrhage of Atramatic Genesis
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 118–128
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Ultrasonography of Paravertebral Muscles of Patients with Lumbar Spine Degenerative Diseases and Prognosis of their Surgical Treatment Results
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 129–140
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Condition of Glutationion Chain of the Thiol-Disulphide System in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Arterial Hypertension
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 141–148
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Clinical Features of the Course of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis with Comorbid Coronary Heart Disease
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 149–154
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The Impact of Group and Individual Therapy on the Correction of Food Behavioral Reactions of Patients with Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 155–160
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Clinically Isolated Syndrome of Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical and Paraclinical Features
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 161–165
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The Effect of Differentiated Therapy on the Condition of Eicosanoids in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Combined with Ischemic Heart Disease
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 166–171
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Social medicine and organization of health care

Clinical and Economic Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Provision of Patients with Fractures caused by Osteoporosis
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 172–176
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The Effect of Clinical Relining on the Dentofacial System Activity in the Treatment of Dentition Defects with Removable Denture Structures
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 177–182
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Clinical Rationale for Using Anti-dysbiotic Medicine "Lysozyme-Forte" in the Complex Treatment of Patients with the Salivary Glands Diseases on the Background of Hepatobiliary Pathology
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 183–188
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Clinical and Laboratory Indicators in Patients with Infectious Processes of the Maxillofacial Area and Neck
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 189–194
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Comparative Assessment of Inflammatory Zones at the Stages of Using the Complete Removable Prostheses
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 195–200
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The Characteristic of the Dental Diseases in the Military Personnel of the Chernivtsi Boundary Group
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 201–206
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Comparative Assessment of Changes in Biochemical Indices of Oral Liquid in Patients with Chronic Odontogeny Sinusitis during the Standard Treatment with Electroacupuncture
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 207–213
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Comparative Characteristics of Using Of Auxiliary Materials during Making Pin Structures in the Stages of Orthopedic Treatment with Inlay of a Tooth Crown Total Defect
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 214–218
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Comparison of the Penetration Depth of the Domestic Corrective Silicone Material in the Periodontal Sulcus depending on the Method of Anatomical Impression
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 219–224
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Forensic Medicine

Peculiarities of Forming a Temporary Pulsating Cavity from the Pistol "Fort" Shots
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 225–229
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Conceptual Approaches to New Forms of Teaching Of Рathomorphology in Ukraine
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 230–237
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Interconnection of the Memory Indicators and Central Nervous System Working Capacity in the Individuals from enhanced Radioecological Control Territories of the Sumy Region
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 238–242
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Anatomic Features of the Spleen in Vertebrate Animals
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 243–248
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Physical Performance and Aerobic Productivity of the Body of Students with Tobacco Addiction which Have a Different Component Weight of the Body
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 249–255
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Influence of Chromium Citrate on the State of Pro/Antioxidant System in the Rats’ Pancreas with Experimental Diabetes Mellitus
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 256–261
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Physical training and Sport. Reviews

Problems of Tactical Preparedness Control in Martial Sports
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 262–268
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Physical training and Sport. Medical and biological aspects of training athletes

Peculiarities of the Psycho-Physiological Parameters Changes in Hand-to-Hand Combat Athletes with Full Contact with the Opponent, under the Influence of the Training Load
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 269–275
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Female Athletic Sport Types: Bone Pelvis and its Morphofunctional Charasteristics in Sexual Somatotypes
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 276–282
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The Model for Predicting Changes in the Athlete’s Functional State under the Influence of Training Load
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 283–291
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Indicators of Motor Activity in People with Spinal Cord Injury after Passing the Programs of Active Rehabilitation Camps
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 292–301
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Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Development of Physical Abilities in Athletes Specializing in Combat Combination in the Preparatory Mesocycle
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 302–306
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Mapping of the Olympic Education Projects
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 307–311
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Efficiency of Using Crossfit in the System of Physical Training of Cadets of Higher Military Educational Institutions at the Stage of Primary Training
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 312–319
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Analysis of Injuries in Sports and their Prevention
УЖМБС 2019, 4(1): 320–324
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