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JMBS 2020, 5(6)
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JMBS 2020, Vol. 5, Issue 6

58 articles

Medicine. Reviews

Post-Traumatic Mechanisms of Epileptogenesis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 9–16
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Activation of Purinergic Signaling Pathways during the Development of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 17–26
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The Role and Place of Intranatal Ultrasonography in Modern Obstetrics
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 27–35
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Analytical Review of Literature. Prevalence of Acute Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases of Jaw in Children and General Principles of Complex Treatment
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 36–43
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Quantity of Third Molar Pathology. Current State of the Issue
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 44–50
Current Issues of Medical Support of Innovative Scientific and Pedagogical Projects
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 51–58
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Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Microscopic Investigation of Compatibility of Samples Containing Multipotent Mesenchimal Stromal Cells of Additive Tissue in Experimental Conditions
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 59–65
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Retrospective Analysis and Current State of Experimental Models of Blast-induced Trauma
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 66–71
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Structural Features of Skin Reparative Regeneration of Mature Rats under the Chronic Hyperglycemia
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 72–78
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Influence of Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Paracetamol on the Level of C-Reactive Protein of Rat Blood Serum in Experimental Equivalents of Hypothyroidism and Osteoarthritis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 79–83
Clinical and Morphological Analysis of Adrenal Glands Pathology in Kharkiv Region (according to Archival Material for the Period 2015-2019)
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 84–87
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Clinical Medicine

Clinical Case of Arteriovenous Malformation in a Pregnant Woman
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 88–94
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Effects of Ademetionine on Liver Fibrosis, Level of Pentraxin-3 and Metabolic Indicators in Patients with Comorbid Course of Non-alcoholic Liver Disease and Arterial Hypertension
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 95–101
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Mathematical Analysis of Evaluating the Homocystein Level in Serum as a Predictor of Meningitis Development in Newborn with Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury of the Central Nervous System
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 102–109
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Structural and Functional State of the Left Ventricle in Patients with Essential Hypertension and Rheumatoid Arthritis under the Influence of Various Treatment Regimens
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 110–116
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Possibilities of Clinical Neurovisualization Verification of Spontaneous Supratentorial Intracerebral Hemorrhage Acute Period Course Prognosis on the Ground of Conservative Treatment
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 117–123
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Gender and Age Characteristics of the Mineral Composition of Urinary Stones in Patients with Urolithiasis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 124–128
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The Role of Shear Wave Ultrasound Elastography in the Diagnosis of Adenomyosis and / or Hyperplastic Processes of the Endometrium
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 129–135
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Diagnostic Value of Clinical and Laboratory Parameters in the Diagnosis of Non-Specific Ulcer Colitis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 136–140
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Relationship of Cognitive Dysfunctions and Leading Symptomocomplexes in Bipolar Affective Disorders
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 141–149
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Dynamics of Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension on the Background of COPD combined with Hypertension under the Influence of Treatment
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 150–157
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Peculiarities of Prescribing Mucolytic Therapy to Children in Post-Attack Period of Bronchial Asthma
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 158–162
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Evaluation of Substitution Enzyme Therapy of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency of Pancreatic Gland in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic Pancreatitis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 163–169
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Peculiarities of the Diabetic Neuropathy Course in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Chronic Gastritis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 170–175
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Rare Radiation Complications after Treatment of Cervical Cancer
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 176–181
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Features of Pregnancy and Characteristics of Obstetric Pathology in Women with Obesity of Various Degrees and Physiological Weight
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 182–187
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Effectiveness of Antiviral Therapy in the Secondary Prevention of the Ischemic Stroke on the Background of Viral Infection Manifestation
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 188–194
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Markers of Endothelial Dysfunction as Predictors of Complicated Acute Myocardial Infarction in Combination with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 195–201
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Comparison of the Frequency of Detection of Some Radiological Signs in Chronic Maxillary Sinusіtis of Fungal and Non-Fungal Origin
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 202–207
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Hygiene and Ecology

Biochemical Signs of Children's Microsaturnism
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 208–213
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Microbial Composition of Dental Clinics’ Air as a Factor of Spread of Nosocomial Infections
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 214–217
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Effect of Cadmium Exposure on Male Fertility
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 218–223
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Prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi Ticks-Ventors in Landscape-Geographical Zones of Chernivtsi Region
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 224–230
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Monitoring of the Distribution of Antibiotic-Resistant Strains of Microorganisms - Causes of Infectious Processes of Urogenital Cystitis System of Patients
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 231–240
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Modeling in medicine

Study of the Stress-Strain State of the "Spine-Implant" System in Different Types of Tumor Lesions
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 241–246
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Features of the Influence of Tobacco Heating Systems (GLO and IQOS) on the Oral Tissues Condition
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 247–251
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The Maxillary Artery Definition According to CBCT Data in Patients with Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 252–256
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Peculiarities of the Structure of Dentition Defects in the Adult Population of Kharkiv
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 257–261
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Rheological Properties of Oral Fluid and its Mineralizing Potential in Persons with Generalized Periodontitis on the Background of Lesions of the Gastrointestinal Tract
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 262–267
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Forensic Medicine

The Problem of Safety of Free Circulation of Weapons under the Flaubert Cartridge on the Example from Forensic Expert Practice
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 268–274
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Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy

Comparison of the Therapeutic Alliance Indicators according to the Results of the Survey of Cardiosurgical Patients and their Physical Therapists
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 275–281
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Effect of Physical Therapy on Fall-Risk and Physical Status in Older Adults with Frailty and Metabolic Syndrome
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 282–291
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View of a problem

Neonatal Screening for Monogenic Inborn Pathology in Ukraine
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 292–298
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Herpesviruses. Part 1
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 299–307
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Model of the Formation of Deontological Readiness of Future Physical and Occupational Therapists for the Implementation of Professional Activities
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 308–316
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Experience of Application of Modern Educational Methods in Teaching of the Course «Laboratory Diagnostics» in National University of Pharmacy
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 317–322
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The Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Traditional Education and Distance Learning by the Results of the Discipline “Internal Medicine” in Graduate Students
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 323–328
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Role of TNF-Receptor-Associated Factor (TRAF3) in the Immune System Cells (Review)
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 329–335
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Sanitary and Microbiological Research of Fish Products Sold in Dnipro city
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 336–341
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Accuracy of Determining the Duration of Cardiointervals when Using the Hardware-Software Complex "Rhythm" in Conditions of Physical Activity
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 342–348
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Evaluation of the Distribution and Basic Directions of Prevention of Tobacco Smoking in Schoolchildren aged 11-17 (Regional Aspect)
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 349–354
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Disorders of Proteoglycan and Collagen Metabolism in the Kidneys in Diabetes Mellitus: Clinical and Pathogenetic Mechanisms and Laboratory Markers
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 355–361
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Long-Term Consequences of the Fetoplacental Insufficiency Influence on the State and Functioning of Different Body Systems in Descendants (Literature Review and Own Research)
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 362–369
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The Role of TRPV4 Cation Channels in Smooth Muscle Contractile Activity in Rats
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 370–377
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Physical training and Sport. Reviews

Specifics of the Development of Strength Abilities in Modern Wrestling
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 378–385
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Physical training and Sport. Medical and biological aspects of training athletes

Correlations of Clinically Significant and other Subjective Signs of the Body State in Highly Qualified Athletes
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 386–395
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Features of Change of Students 'Heart Rate Variability Indicators under the Influence of Mental and Physical Load
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 396–403
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Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Improvement of Physical Preparedness of Athletes in Classic Powerlifting at the Stage of Preparation for Higher Achievements Using Load Components Planning in Exercise Groups
JMBS 2020, 5(6): 404–410
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