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УЖМБС 2019, 4(3)
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УЖМБС 2019, Vol. 4, Випуск 3

13 articles

Physical training and Sport. Reviews

Pharmacological and Nutriciological Aspects of Physical and Mental Work Capacity Support under Extreme Conditions of Professional Activity: General Principles and Peculiarities
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 5–12
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Physical training and Sport. Medical and biological aspects of training athletes

Means Of Physical Education - A Guide For The Restoration Of The Business Of The Vehicles After The Containment Of The Main Brain
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 13–19
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Analysis of the Daily Diet Structure of Skilled Archers Practicing in Specialized Sports Institutions of Lviv
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 20–25
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Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Physical Training and its Dependence on Officers’ of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Attitude to Self-Improvement
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 26–32
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Innovative Structure and Content of Theoretical Preparation at the Stage of Initial Training in Kayaking and Canoeing
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 33–38
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Problem Aspects of Physical Education, Health and Psychological Preparation of Young People of Military Age to the Conditions of the Service in the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 39–44
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Technical Sense and its Impacts on Accuracy of Response and Economy of Effort in Professional Algerian Soccer Players
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 45–50
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Some Aspects of Wrestling Development in Ukraine
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 51–56
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Subjective Opinion of Cadets-Engineers on the Content and Structure of Physical Training in Higher Military Educational Institutions
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 57–63
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Structure of the Nosology Oriented Training Program Powerlifters with Visual Impairment at the Initial Stage of Training
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 64–70
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Selection Criteria and its Influence on Sports Training of Divers
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 71–80
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Contents of Physical Training of Military Personnel taking into Account the Tasks in the Joined Forces Operations
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 81–86
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Dynamics of Technical Training Level in Girls engaged in Table Tennis in the Process of Sport-oriented Physical Education
УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 87–91
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