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УЖМБС 2019, 4(3): 39–44
Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Problem Aspects of Physical Education, Health and Psychological Preparation of Young People of Military Age to the Conditions of the Service in the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine

Klymovych V. 1, Olkhovy O. 2, Romanchuk S. 1, Oderov A. 1, Lashta V. 1

The militarization of the Russian Federation of the temporarily occupied territory by the formation of new military units and units, the presence of the military contingent of the Russian Federation in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova, which can be used to disturb the situation in the southern regions of Ukraine, as well as the Russian Federation's expansion of the troops from the state border of Ukraine powerful strike-offensive potential, creation of new, expansion and modernization of existing bases, military infrastructures can give the aggressor certain advantages. The structures can give the aggressor certain advantages. In these conditions, the role of staffing the security forces of Ukraine increases. However, an alarming situation has emerged in Ukraine recently: the health and physical preparedness of young men of military age has sharply deteriorated. This is primarily due to the crisis in the national system of physical education that does not meet modern requirements and international standards of physical fitness of a person. Thus, the problem of physical education is now relevant and socially significant. The current state of physical education of young men of the military age requires an objective analysis of existing forms, systems and concepts of its development in Ukrainian space. Today, the state of health in modern Ukrainian youth who are eager to serve in the security and defense sectors of Ukraine is really unsatisfactory. To analyze the current state of physical education and identify the problematic aspects and ways of improving the physical education system of young men of the military age, we analyzed, systematized and synthesized scientific literature, documentary sources and guidance documents in the field of health and defense of Ukraine. We came to the conclusion that the modern system of physical education is in decline. There were some changes at different levels of functioning of physical education (educational, professional), but they were not for the better. Physical education ceased to cope with its main task – the physical training of various groups of the population, the development of physical abilities, motor skills and skills that train young people for professional activity and possible military service. In today's trends, the health of precocious young people is the growth of chronic diseases, which are the cause of professional restrictions and unsuitability for service in the security and defense sectors of Ukraine. The obtained research results are completely in line with the ones presented by other researchers in the scientific literature. The fundamental changes that take place in all spheres of social life require new approaches to the upbringing and socialization of young generation.

Keywords: physical education, physical culture, youth, health

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