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УЖМБС 2017, 2(5)
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УЖМБС 2017, Vol. 2, Випуск 5

41 articles

Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Structural Changes in Abdominal Aorta Wall at the Modeling of Long-Term Sympathicotonia on Laboratory Animals
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 7–11
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Forensic Medical Definition of the Blood Origin using Laboratory Methods
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 12–15
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Ultrastructural Changes of the Stomach’s Microcirculatory Network under the Influence of Intracellular Dehydration
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 16–19
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Ultrastructural Changes in the Retina during the Process of Paclitaxel-Induced Retinotoxicity Correction using Antioxidant Drug
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 20–25
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Structural Changes of Rats Skin under the Influence of Chronic Social Stress
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 26–29
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Membranes Biocompatibility in Dialysic Therapy
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 30–32
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Indicators of Metabolic Endotoxemia in Ovarietomated Rats with Metabolic Syndrome during Pharmacological Correction
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 33–38
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Structural-Functional Changes in the Colon’s Wall under Conditions of Sodium Glutamate Usage
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 39–43
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Morphological Changes in Melting Tissue Cell Composition of Tasting Folk after Setting of Different Anastomosis Species during the Experiment
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 44–49
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Influence of Antibacterial Action Medicines on Pulp Mineralization Indicators on the Background of a Cariesogenic Ration in Experimental Animals
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 50–54
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Angioline Influence on the Cardio and Systemic Hemodynamics Markers in the Rabbits with Chronic Cardiac Insufficiency
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 55–58
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Diffuse Endocrine System (DES) Cells of the Uterus Endometrium of Intact Rats in Different Phases of the Estrous Cycle
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 59–63
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Specifics of WGA Lectin Receptor Distrsbutions in Rats in Normal Conditions and after Intranatal Introduction of Female Gormones in Second and Third Periods of Pregnancy
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 64–68
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Morphological Changes in the Rats’ Myocardium under the Conditions of Infusion Correction of the Experimental Burning Disease
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 69–73
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Clinical Medicine

Dynamics of the Ultrasound Indexes Changes of Pancreas during Mechanical Trauma
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 74–77
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The Further Treatment Tactics Choice of Patients after Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 78–81
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Surgical Tactics of Curing Patients with Complications of Locally Advanced Stomach Cancer
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 82–86
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Combined Medical and Non-Medical Arrhythmia Correction Together with Metabolic, Neurohumoral and Hemodynamic Violations in Them
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 87–91
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Research of Dynamics of Immune Response Rates in Patients with EVB Infection
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 92–99
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Interrelation between Thyroid Hormones, Catecholamines, Neuroticism and Physical Aggression in Men with High and Middle Neuroticism Levels
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 100–103
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Structural and Functional Peculiarities of the Cardiovascular System in Young People with High Pulse Arterial Pressure
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 104–107
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Connection between Il-6 -174g> C Polymorphism and Type II Diabetes
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 108–111
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TSH and Thyroid Hormones’ Influence on Thyroid Cancer Development
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 112–115
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Hygiene and Ecology

Comparative Research of Osteoassociated Micronutrient Levels of Copper in Bone Tissue under the Influence of Lead in Macro and Nanoquenchhelate Form on Animals in Experimental Conditions
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 116–119
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Estimation of Carcinogenic Risks of Drinking Water Consumption in the Cities of Dnipro and Kamyan'sk
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 120–126
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Medical rehabilitation

Postural Postures’ Influence on Autonomous Modulations of Vegetative Nervous System of the Elderly
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 127–131
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Examination of the Kinetics of Antimicrobial Substance Release from Polymer Compounds by Using Microbiological Method in Conjunction with Mathematical Analysis
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 132–136
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Social medicine and organization of health care

Comparative Analysis of Risk Factors in Men and Women of a Labor Age with Hypertension Disease
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 137–140
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Dynamics of Inflammation Markers in the Oral Fluid of Patients with Chronic Herpetic Infection after Dental Implantation in Remote Observation Periods
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 141–145
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Integral Indicator of the Local Status Complexity of Maxillofacial Localization Pyoinflammatory Process
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 146–150
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Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of Dental Caries Prevention Efficacy of Permanent Teeth in 6-7 Years Old Children
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 151–154
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Glass Ionomer Cements’ Effect on the Change in the Chemical Composition of Tooth Crown Dentin
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 155–161
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

New Communicative Educational Tools Usage in the Study of Human Anatomy
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 162–166
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Testing as a Method of Objective Students’ Evaluation
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 167–170
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Influence of Vestibular Load and Vegetative Status on Sports Results of Highly Qualified Fencers
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 171–174
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Initial Concentration of Streptococcus pneumoniae Cells as One of the Factors Influencing Cryopreservation Efficiency
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 175–178
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Hepatotoxin and Hepatocarcinogen 2-Acetylaminofluorene Effect on the Iron Metabolism in Rat Liver
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 179–183
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Wave Structure of Heart Rhythm in Women under the Psychoemotional Pressure
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 184–187
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State of Erythrocytic Membranes and Hematological Indices of Rats under Conditions of Energy Drinks Consumption
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 188–191
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Physical training and sport. Sport psychology

Personality Features of the Yoga Coach
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 192–194
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Specifics of Young Gymnasts’ Psychological State (10-12 Years)
УЖМБС 2017, 2(5): 195–197
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