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УЖМБС 2017, 2(3)
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УЖМБС 2017, Vol. 2, Випуск 3

41 articles

Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Examination of Adhesive Properties of C. diphtheriae Surface Antigens Obtained by the Cascade Disintgraphy of Microbial Cells by Different Physical Factors
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 7–11
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Microbial Factor as a Participant of the Infectious Inflammatory Process in the Oral Cavity Pathology
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 12–15
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Pharmacological Studies of New Derivatives of Sukcinamine Acids
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 16–20
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Angiolon Influence on the Morphofunctional Characteristics of Rats’ Endotheliocytes in Chronic Cardiac Insufficiency
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 21–25
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Structure and Individual Anatomical Variability of the Lobules VI-VII of the Human Cerebellum
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 26–31
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Oral Intake of Kappa-Carrageenan Food Additive Causes Enteritis
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 32–35
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Clinical Medicine

Efficiency Evaluation of the Combination Therapy for Comorbid Arterial Hypertension with Diabetes Mellitus 2 Type Depending on the Genetic Polymorphism of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 36–42
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Nonspecific Immune Response Peculiarities to Influenza Vaccination in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 43–47
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Mechanisms of Immune Inflammation Formation in Bro-Nchial Asthma, Combined with Metabolically Important States: Obesity or Diabetes Mellitus Type II
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 48–55
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Surgical Treatment Experience of Hypoplastic Syndrome of Left Heart Parts by Hybrid Methods
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 56–60
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Psychophysiological Condition Examination of Young People with Arterial Hypotention
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 61–64
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Results of Gel Implantation of Hyaluronic Acid under Mucous Balanus for Treatment of Early Ejaculation
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 65–70
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Dynamics of Cardiometabolic Indicators on the Complex Therapy in Patients with Subclinical Hypothyroidism Combined with Nonalcoholic Hepatic Steatosis
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 71–76
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Pathological Shunts’ Bandage in the Treatment of the Veno-Occlusive Form of Erectile Dysfunction
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 77–81
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Evaluation of the Systemic-Local Cytokine Profile in Patients with Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 82–87
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The Serum Marker Enzymes Activity and Metabolic Connective Tissue Disorders in Patients on Early Stages of Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joints
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 88–93
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Medical-Social Expertise and Rehabilitation Indicators in Patients with Chronic after Roascularization
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 94–99
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Somatic and Gynecological Status of Women with Climacteric Syndrome Associated with Somatoform Disorders
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 100–106
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Association of CYP11b2 Gene Polymorphism of Aldosteron-Synthase with the Risk of Myocardial Infarction with ST-Segment Elevation
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 107–114
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Peculiarities of Lipid Metabolism Disorders in Patients with Osteochondrosis of the Lumbar Spine
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 115–119
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Organs as a Target of Arterial Hypertension from the Perspective of Cerebral Lesions
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 120–127
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The Immun-Biochemical Status Changes of Critical Patients with a Hemorrhagic Disease during Intensive Therapy
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 128–134
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Comparative Analysis of the Tubes for Obtaining Platelet Enriched Plasma
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 135–139
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The Structural and Functional Changes of the Alveolar Sprout and Forearm Bone Tissue in Patients with Fractures of the Jaws Considering Generalized Periodontitis
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 140–144
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Oral Liquid Biomarkers’ Dynamics in the Chronic Gingivitis Treatment in Children with Atopic Diseases
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 145–148
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View of a problem

Complex Treatment Conducting Necessity for Patients with Odontogenic Maxillary Sinusitis Considering Mutual Burdening of Etiological Factors
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 149–152
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Justification of the Identifying Examination of the Third Molars Role in the Development of Infectious-Inflammatory Complications in the Jaws’ Traumatic Injuries
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 153–156
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Forensic-Medical Practice of Corpse Embalming by Minakov’s and Shor-Iosifov’s Methods
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 157–161
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Medicine. Reviews

Genetic Aspects of Multiple Mieloma
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 162–166
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Professional Training of Medical Students in the Context of Professionally Required Skills
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 167–171
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Ways to Improve Foreign Students’ Educational Process at the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology, IFNMU
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 172–176
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Hybrid Learning and Trainings as Innovate Teaching Methods Scientific Training Center of Family Medicine and Pre-Medical Training
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 177–181
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The Effect of 2-Ethyl-6-Methyl-3-Hydrooxypyridine Succinate in Correcting Paclitaxel-Induced Retinopathy
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 182–186
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Morphological Factors’ Influence on the Level of Blood Pressure in Young Women
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 187–193
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Ontogenetic Changes in Osmatic Resistance of Erythrocytes Indicators and in Level of Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate in the Serum of Rats’ Blood
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 194–200
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Psychophysiological Condition of Elite Athletes in Dynamics of Training Macrocycle
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 201–208
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The Influence of Caffeine on the Autonomous Functioning of Young Female and Male Rats’ organisms according to Heart Rate Variability Indicators
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 209–215
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Violations in the LPO-AOP System in the Conditions of the Visible Concentration of Abiotic Factors
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 216–219
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Pro- and Antiphlogistic Concentration of Cytokines in Rats’ Serum after Long-Term Administration of Omeprazole and the Simultaneous Injection of Multiprobiotics and Omeprazole
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 220–228
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Physical training and Sport

Tivortin Aspartate: a New Safe and Effective Non-Prohibited Medical Drug for Stimulation the Performance of Athletes
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 229–244
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Reasonable Correction of Substantiating Lipid Peroxidation Condition as a Factor of Athletes’ Overvoltage Prevention
УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 245–249
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