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УЖМБС 2017, 2(3): 7–11
Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Examination of Adhesive Properties of C. diphtheriae Surface Antigens Obtained by the Cascade Disintgraphy of Microbial Cells by Different Physical Factors

Yelyseyeva I. V.1, Babych Ye. M.1, Zhdamarova L. A.1, Belozersky V. I.1, Isayenko Ye. Yu.1, Kolpak S. A.1, Gurin О.V.2, Zabelina I. А.2, Коvаlеnkо О. I.3

The purpose of the article is to examine new generation vaccines against diphtheria infection on the basis of the native bacterial antigenic complexes isolation by cascade disintegration with the use of physical factors. The aim of the study is to determine the optimal regimes of cascade disintegration of C. diphtheriae microbial cells on the basis of studying the effect of the antigenic preparations obtained on the adhesive properties of the test strain C. diphtheriae. The microbial suspension of the museum strain C. diphtheriae var. gravis, tox +, were subjected to treatment with mono- and combined physical factors in different irradiation regimes, namely: ultrasound of the middle frequency (US), narrowband electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range (EMF microwave), laser irradiation in the terahertz and red optical range. The resulting disintegrants were centrifuged, the supernatants were separated and added to the suspension of formalized human erythrocytes, after exposure, the adhesive properties of the C. diphtheriae test strain were studied. Most antigenic preparations to some extent increased the adhesive properties of corynebacteria. The most effective was the action of EMB of NZVCH (42.2 GHz), a terahertz laser and a combination of ultrasound with a terahertz laser: the index of the adhesiveness of microorganisms (IAM) increased 1.6-1.7 times. The antigenic preparations obtained with EMV microwave (61 GHz) in conjunction with ultrasound or helium-neon laser, IMA, differed from the control sample only by 1.6% and 0.7%, respectively, least of all affected the diphtheria culture's adhesive activity. The combination of ultrasound with a helium-neon laser caused a decrease in IAM by 7.1%. The significant difference in the protein content of the bacterial antigen preparations studied, was obtained during the disintegration of microbial EMB cells of UHF and UZ, confirm that certain physical factors affect the surface structures of bacterial cells of the corynebacteria in a different way. The resulting antigenic preparations are promising as an anti-colonization factor for C. diphtheriae for use in combination diphtheria vaccines against bacterial carry of diphtheria infection.

Keywords: C. diphtheriae, pathogenated molecular structures, disintegration, ultrasound, microwave ultrahigh frequency, laser radiation, diphtheria vaccine

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