ISSN 2415-3060 (print), ISSN 2522-4972 (online)

УЖМБС 2022, Vol. 7, Випуск 3

3 articles

Physical training and Sport. Medical and biological aspects of training athletes

Dynamics of Indicators of Component Composition of Body Weight in Bodybuilders Depending on Training Programs
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 250–254
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Dynamics of Indicators of Girth Dimensions of Athletes Depending on the Features of Bodybuilders Training Programs
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 268–273
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Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Analysis of the Dynamics of Physical Fitness Indicators of Servicemen at the Stage of Primary Training Using Crossfit
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 296–302
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УЖМБС 2021, Vol. 6, Випуск 6

2 articles
Influence of Special Training Programs in Bodybuilding on Reducing Athletes’ Injuries
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 326–330
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Dynamics of Power Indicators Growth in Bodybuilders of 18-19 Years Old at the Stage of Specialized Basic Training
УЖМБС 2021, 6(6): 331–336
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