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УЖМБС 2022, 7(3)
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УЖМБС 2022, Vol. 7, Випуск 3

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Medicine. Reviews

The Role of Defensins in Non-Specific Protection of the Macroorganism from Infectious Agents in Inflammatory Diseases of the Mouth and Oropharynx (Literature Review)
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 7–13
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Nonspecific Reactive Hepatitis – Unknown or Forgotten Diagnosis? (Short Review and Invitation to Discussion)
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 14–20
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Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Etiology: the Task of Epidemiological Surveillance in Ukraine in Modern Conditions
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 21–26
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Pecularities of the Pancreatitis Development on the Background of Some Rheumatic Diseases
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 27–36
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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome and Its Comorbid Association with Obesity: Current State of the Problem
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 37–42
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Evolution of Blood Loss Assessment Methods
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 43–51
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Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Features of the Expression of the Cell Adhesion Molecule E-Cadherin in Different Molecular Subtypes of Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 52–64
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Organometric Parameters of the Placent Disorders with Preterm Maturing of the Chorionic Tree on the Background of Iron Deficiency Anemia of Gravidas in Gestation
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 65–72
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The Role of Sympathetic Trunks in the Innervation of the Posterior Mediastinum Blood Vessels in Human Fetuses
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 73–78
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Clinical Medicine

Improvement of Treatment and Prevention of Liver Echinococcosis
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 79–86
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Analysis of Ultrasound Parameters in Pregnant Women with Retrochorial Hematoma
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 87–91
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Symptoms and Duration of the Menstrual Cycle and Vaccination against Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 92–98
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Genetics of Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IV (Morquio Disorder) in Patients from Azerbaijan
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 99–105
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Vitamin D Levels in Pregnant Women with Metabolic Syndrome in the First Trimester of Pregnancy
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 106–113
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Impact of Immunization Prophylaxis on the Course of Pregnancy in Rh-Negative Women
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 114–119
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Diagnosis of Liver Cirrhosis on the Background of Mutations H63D of the HFE Gene and H1069Q of the ATP7B Gene in associated with Hemochromatosis and Wilson's Disease (Clinical Case)
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 120–126
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Changes in Some Indicators of Thrombosis and Inflammatory Activity as Markers of Severity and Prognosis in COVID-19 Patients and Comorbid Essential Hypertension
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 127–133
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Surgical Treatment of Closed Fractures of Long Bones of Extremities with Polytrauma
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 134–138
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Importance of Combinations of Risk Factors in the Development of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Newborn Children
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 139–142
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Comparative Assessment of Hormonal, Echographic and Spectral Parameters in Chronic Endometritis and Chronic Salpingo-Oophoritis
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 143–146
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Relationship between Biomarkers of Carbohydrate, Energy and Adipokine Metabolism in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 147–152
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Mechanisms of Bone Tissue Remodeling in Young Persons with Osteoarthritis on the Background of Obesity
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 153–158
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Importance of Cytological Screening in the Diagnosis of Cervical Diseases
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 159–164
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Susceptibility of Women of Reproductive Age to Overweight and Obesity and Their Causes
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 165–170
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Frequency of Occurrence and Clinical Picture of Urolithiasis on the Background of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 171–176
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Surgical Treatment of Rectal Cancer: Amount of Lymph Dissection and Manifestations of the Colorectal Anastomotic Sutures Failure (Retrospective Study)
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 177–182
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Dynamics of Blood Lipid Profile Indicators in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction with Concomitant Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Depending on the Chosen Treatment Tactics
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 183–191
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Influence of Nitric Oxide Donors on the Clinical Course of Coronary Heart Disease with Concomitant Anemia
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 192–199
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Anemia as a Cardiovascular Risk Factor in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 200–205
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Expression of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors in the Endometrial Stroma of Women with Different Types of Endometrial Hyperplasia and Benign Breast Tumors
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 206–211
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Study of Activity of the Carious Process in People of Different Ages Using the Index Assessment of DMF and ICDAS
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 212–216
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Indicators of Studies of Psychological Peculiarities of Patients with Glossodynia after Complex Treatment
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 217–224
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Dynamics of Paraclinical Indices as a Result of Complex Treatment of Generalized Periodontitis in Patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus with Cardiomyopathy
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 225–230
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Forensic Medicine

The Case of Non-Traumatic Subdural Hematoma
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 231–235
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View of a problem

Ensuring Clients’ Participation in the Rehabilitation Process from the Position of the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 236–240
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Physical training and Sport. Reviews

Analysis of the Content of Verification and Assessment Tests of Physical Preparedness of Foreign Servicemen
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 241–249
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Physical training and Sport. Medical and biological aspects of training athletes

Dynamics of Indicators of Component Composition of Body Weight in Bodybuilders Depending on Training Programs
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 250–254
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Peculiarities of Cognitive Sphere of Qualified Women-Boxers
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 255–260
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Comparison of Thigh Lengths in Students of Institutions of Higher Education in Bukovyna Depending on Sport
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 261–267
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Dynamics of Indicators of Girth Dimensions of Athletes Depending on the Features of Bodybuilders Training Programs
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 268–273
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Influence of Power Fitness Loads of Different Structure on the Nature of Changing Morphometric Indicators in Women of the Second Period of Adulthood
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 274–281
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Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Reliability of a Medicine Ball Explosive Power Test in Young Volleyball Players
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 282–287
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Peculiarities of Change of Training Load Indicators in Power Fitness under Conditions of Muscular Activity of Various Nature
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 288–295
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Analysis of the Dynamics of Physical Fitness Indicators of Servicemen at the Stage of Primary Training Using Crossfit
УЖМБС 2022, 7(3): 296–302
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