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УЖМБС 2018, 3(1)
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УЖМБС 2018, Vol. 3, Випуск 1

49 articles

Experimental Medicine and Morphology

The Dynamics of Changes in the Temperature Characteristics of the Kidneys Depending on the Duration of Injury and Time of Death
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 8–13
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Dynamics Of Hematological Parameters In Rats Under The Influence Of The Cytotoxic Preparation Oxaliplatinum And Cytoprotector "Lioliv"
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 14–18
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Morphological Alterations of Parotid Salivary Gland in Rats during Experimental Dehydration of the Organism while Taking Vitamin E
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 19–22
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The Content of Arachidonic Acid in Menstrual Blood of Women with Genital Inflammatory Diseases
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 23–25
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Changes in the Alveolar Sprout in the Chronic Phase of Simulated Diabetes Mellitus (for a period of 2 months)
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 26–30
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Research of Dependence of Acute Toxicity and Diuretic Activity on Chemical Structure in the Row of 8-amino substituted of 7-(3-p-metoxyphenoxy)-propyl-3-methylxantines
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 31–35
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Quantitative Characteristics of the Limited Proteolysis in Endotheliocytes of Placental Blood Vessels in Pregnant Women with Afterbirth Inflammation Accompanied by Iron-Deficiency Anemia
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 36–39
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Changing of Leptin Concentration in Ovariaectomized Rats with Metabolic Syndrome in the Conditions of Immune Activity Compounds Administration
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 40–43
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Morphological Peculiarities of the Fetuses Ovarian Structure with a Gestation Period of 37-42 Weeks from the Mothers with Complicated Pregnancy due to Chronic Infection of the Lower Genitals
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 44–49
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Morphological Peculiarities of the Structure of the Fetuses Ovarian with a Gestation Period of 21-36 Weeks from the Mothers with Complicated Pregnancies by a Chronic Infection of the Lower Genital Tract
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 50–55
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Prognosis of Metastasis of Ductal Carcinoma by Using Immunohistochemical Researches
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 56–58
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Gas-Discharge Glow of the Blood Serum of Patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia with Different Iron Medicines
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 59–64
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Ultrastructural Characteristics of the Mucociliary Barrier in Experimental Hyperglycemia
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 65–70
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Dynamics of Laboratory Blood Indices in Rats after Hypodermic Implantation of a Composite Based on Polylactide, Hydroxyapatite and Tricalcium Phosphate
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 71–75
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Fetal Microscopic Anatomy of Seminal Vesicles
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 76–79
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Clinical Medicine

Long-term Clinical and Angiographic Results of Recanalization of Small Diameter Coronary Arteries in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 80–84
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Features of the Course of Destructive Pancreatitis in Patients with High Body Mass Index
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 85–88
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The Indicators of Clinical and Laboratory Studies of Patients with Impaired Immunity because of Oncohematological Pathology Determining the Severe Course and Fatal Outcome of Pneumonia
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 89–98
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The Influence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease on the Platelet Hemostasis and Endothelial Function State in Patients with Stable Coronary Heart Disease
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 99–104
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Surgical Treatment of Mirizzi’s Syndrome
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 105–108
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Differential Diagnosis of Arterial Brain Aneurysms with Hormonal Inactive Adenoma of the Pituitary Gland and other Pathological Processes of the Secular Area in Planning Surgical Treatment
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 109–116
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Effectiveness of the Infulgan with Reumoxicam Combination for Postoperative Analgesia in Gerontologic Patients with Polytrauma
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 117–122
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Optimization of Bone Regeneration in Patients with Osteoporotic Compression of Fractures of Vertebral Bodies of Thoracic and Lumbar Localization
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 123–129
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Gender Specific Distribution of Polymorphisms of Genes of Renin-Agiotensin-Aldosterone System in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Obesity
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 130–134
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Clinical and Immunological Comparisons in Patients with Myasthenia Gravis
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 135–138
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Effect of Smoking on the Functional State of the Respiratory System in Patients with Psoriasis
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 139–143
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Influence of Risk Factors on the Development and Progress of Psychosomatic Health Disorders at the Level of First Primary Medical Care
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 144–150
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Clinical and Metabolic Effects of Combined Anti-Arithmic Therapy of Extrasystoly in Patients with Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease by Phinoptin + Alpha-Tocopherol
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 151–155
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C-159T Polymorphism of CD14 Gene and Citokine Profile at Atopic Dermatite in Adults
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 156–163
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Features of Deformation of Left Ventricular Walls at Thrombosis of Aneurism
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 164–168
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Investigation of Erythrocyte Membranes in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps by the Method of Fluorescent Probes
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 169–173
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Peculiarities of the Clinic of Non-Alcoholic Fat Liver Disease in Patients of Young Age Associated with Type 2 Sugar Diabetes
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 174–177
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Allele and Genotype Frequency of Polymorphous Variants of ATIIR1 and CYP11b2 Genes in Patients with STEMI with the Presence of Anxiety and Depressive Conditions
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 178–182
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Optimization of the Treatment and Rehabilitation Methods of Patients with Infertility caused by Inflammatory Uterus Diseases
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 183–189
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Physical Development of Young Children Born by Alcohol Drinking Mothers
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 190–193
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Peculiarities of the Clinical Picture of Microvascular Angina, Angina Pectoris in Pathologically Entangled Vessels and Prinzmetal Angina
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 194–198
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X-ray Features of the Mucoperiastole of the Alveolar Bay of the Maxillary Sinus, as a Risk Factor for Developing Intraoperative Complications in Subantral Bone Augmentation
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 199–205
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Features of C-Reactive Protein Production Dependence on the Presence of Thyreopathy in Children with Obesity
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 206–210
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Medical rehabilitation

Characteristics of the Children Immunity State in the period of Oncological Remission after Basic Anticarcinogenic Treatment
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 211–214
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Modeling in medicine

Age: Distinction between Death and Organism Cells from the Positions of the Mathematical Model
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 215–220
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Questioning of the Military Personnel of the Chernivtsi Boundary Group Concerning the Level of Rendering the Dental Care
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 221–224
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Spreading and Intensity of Dental Caries in the Children of Kramatorsk
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 225–230
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View of a problem

Risk Of Sudden Death In Athletes: Electrocardiographic Criteria
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 231–234
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Medicine. Reviews

Prevention of Dental Caries in Children as a Fundamental Success of General Dental Health of the Population
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 235–240
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Humanitarian issues of medicine and problem of teaching at the higher school

Clinical and "Clip-On" Thinking of Doctors-Iterns
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 241–244
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Structural and Functional Characteristics of Different Histohematological Barriers of the Organism in Norm and during the Pathological Changes, their Medical Significance and Role in Forming Clinical Thinking of Junior Students
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 245–252
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Combined Effect of Optical Radiation of the Blue and Red Spectra and Antiseptic Drugs on the Ability to Form Biofilm of Proteus mirabilis Isolates
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 253–257
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Lead Effects on Some Excretion Indicators of Laboratory Rats under Experimental Conditions
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 258–263
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Deviation Features of Congenital Immunity in Occupational Bronchopulmonary Processes
УЖМБС 2018, 3(1): 264–267
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