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УЖМБС 2022, 7(6): 56–61
Experimental Medicine and Morphology

Generalized Morphometric Characteristics of the Vascular Components of the Mucous Membrane of All the Walls of the Human Frontal Sinus in a Norme

Serbin S. I. 1, Dubyna S. O. 1, Bondarenko S. V. 1, Filenko B. M. 2, Koptev M. M. 2, Pyrog-Zakaznikova A. V. 2

The purpose of the work was to study the histological structure of the mucous membrane of all the walls of the frontal sinus of a person in order to obtain morphometric data on its structural components: surface blood vessels – arteries and veins, and links of the hemomicrocirculatory bed – arterioles, capillaries and venules in the lamina propria of the mucous membrane of all the walls of the human frontal sinus in a norme. Materials and methods. The material for the study was the mucous membrane of the frontal sinus of 110 people who died at the age of 22–86 years from causes not related to the pathology of the paranasal sinuses. The collection of material was carried out in the conditions of the Poltava Regional Pathological and Anatomical Bureau of the Department of Health of the Poltava Regional State Administration and in the conditions of the Forensic Morgue of the Bureau of Forensic Examination of the Department of Health of the Poltava Regional State Administration in accordance with the cooperation agreements. In our work, we used age periodization according to G. Craig (2000). After obtaining the mucous membranes of the frontal sinus, their fragments were fixed in a 2.5% solution of glutaraldehyde in a phosphate buffer. Subsequently, sealing was performed in epoxy resin “Epon-812”. Results. The results of the study showed that the average diameter of the lumen of the resistive and capacitive links of the hemomicrocirculatory bed is the largest in the mucous membrane of the anterior wall of the human frontal sinus (respectively, 11.16 ± 0.37 µm on the left / 11.34 ± 0.31 µm on the right (p<0.05) and 7.63 ± 0.08 µm on the left / 7.57 ± 0.09 µm on the right), the smallest – in the composition of the mucous membrane of the posterior wall (respectively, 6.96 ± 0.19 µm on the left / 6.56 ± 0.35 µm on the right and 8.82 ± 0.16 µm on the left / 9.02 ± 0.43 µm on the right (p<0.05)). Exchangeable hemomicrovessels with the smallest diameter – 3.89 ± 0.08 µm on the left and 4.19 ± 0.02 µm on the right (p<0.05) are found in the certain area. The widest capillaries determined by us in the composition of the mucous membrane of the inferior wall were 4.88 ± 0.07 µm on the left and 4.73 ± 0.12 µm on the right (p<0.05) of the frontal sinus. Conclusion. The blood supply of the mucous membrane of the human frontal sinus is provided by the vascular hemomicrocirculatory bed, in which we identified 2 main components: surface microvessels (arteries and veins), which provided epithelial trophism and a deep vascular net (arterioles, capillaries and venules), which was localized in the connective tissue of the lamina propria and was represented by arteries and veins

Keywords: human, frontal sinus, mucous membrane, hemomicrocirculatory bed, surface microvessels, morphometric method

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