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УЖМБС 2020, 5(4): 450–455
Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Analysis of the Level of Special Physical Fitness of the First Year Cadets

Lashta Viktor 1, Fedak Serhiy 1, Khanikyan Helen 2

Progressive changes in the forms of combat use of units and increase the number of members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has created the urgent problem of the comprehensive reform in the process of education and training of cadets in higher military educational institutions of Ukraine, because no unit can function effectively without quality leadership. The practice of organization of educational process in higher military educational institutions showed that during performing standards for professional (military) training in the chosen specialty some students of the first year cannot stand the physical and mental load. This is due to the fact that a number of students choose their future profession without knowing about the high requirements for physical fitness and particularly the specifics of the military profession, which in turn leads to a decrease in the results of the professional tasks and a low resistance to physical stress. The purpose of the study was to examine the dynamics of the level of special physical fitness of the first year cadets. Material and methods. The study was conducted in two stages, based on the Hetman Petro Sahaidachny National Army Academy. We analyzed the performance of exercises by the cadets of mechanized, armored, artillery and engineering units. Testing was conducted according to the Temporary instruction in physical training in the Armed Forces of Ukraine for exercises which determine the level of special physical readiness of cadets. Results and discussion. The analysis of the level of special physical fitness of cadets showed that in the course of the study for all the test exercises there was no significant improvement of results (p0.05). In addition, the performance of the cadets of the artillery units in the run to 1100 meters with obstacle at the end of the study significantly worsened by 1.05% and the students of the engineering departments by 1.20%. Analysis of 5 km running showed a reliable worsening of results in the second stage of the study: the students of the artillery units – by 1.28%, and the cadets of engineering units – by 0.46%, but not statistically significant. Conclusion. The study showed that regardless of the specialty of cadets of the first year of study, the results of the level of special physical fitness had no significant positive trends. The cadets of the artillery and engineering units even showed a significant deterioration. Taking into account the above said, it can be argued that the current program of physical training in National Army Academy is effective enough.

Keywords: specialty, training, physical training, cadet

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