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УЖМБС 2016, 1(2): 109–112

The Effectiveness of Dens-Therapy in Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis

Kotsaba Yu.Ya., Babinets L.S., Semenova I.V.

The study of the pathology of the pancreas, especially chronic pancreatitis (CP), are increasingly faced modern scientists acute socio-economic problem. In developed countries, CP is much "younger" - the average age of diagnosis has decreased from 50 to 39 years, by 30.0 % increase in the percentage of women, frequency of alcoholic pancreatitis has increased from 40.0 to 75,0 %. In Ukraine over the past 10 years the incidence of CP in the population of young adults increased almost 4 times (Yu. O. Filippov, I. Yu. Skirda, 2006). Dyadinamic electroneurostimulation (DENS-therapy) is a new method electroreflexotherapy and is designed for use in all fields of medicine as a part of complex treatment and monotherapy. DENS-therapy is non-drug, non-invasive therapeutic methodology impact on the human body through the effect on the reflex zones of active points and the dynamic pulses of electric current, the shape of which is constantly changing and depends on the magnitude of the electrical resistance of the skin surface at the site pmelectronic. The aim of this work was to investigate the effectiveness of treatment programmes with the inclusion of zonal and spot DENS-therapy influence on the clinical course and quality of life (QOL) of patients with CP. During the work examined 64 patients with CP: among them 37 (57,8 %) and 27 women (42.2 %) men. Aged from 27 years to 75 years. Patients were divided into 3 groups׃ patients of the 1st group (26 persons) received conventional treatment (CT). 2nd group (21 persons) – CT + rate zonal DENS-therapy, which consisted of 12-14 sessions of the proposed scheme. The treatment was performed by the apparatus DENS, using the built-therapeutic electrode. Processed the following zones: the zone of direct projection of pain (individually for each patient) and frontal projection of the pancreas at a frequency of 77 Hz, a segmental ring zone at the level of thoracic segments 6-8 at a frequency of 60 Hz 3-5 times closing the circle, the lumbar-sacral area at a frequency of 20 Hz. The influence was carried out labile method in the mode "Therapy" at a comfortable energy range of the influence of ED-2 for 5 minutes at each site. 3rd group (17 persons) – SSL + course point DENS-therapy. These patients carried the impact of a remote dot therapeutic electrode stable method in the mode "Therapy" at 60 Hz in ED–2 for 2-3 minutes. Processed the following points: PA 96 – the projection of the pancreas; PA 55 – point Shen-Meng (analgesic and sedative effect); PA 22 – point the endocrine glands; PA 39 – point thoracic spine (analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects). The point of projection of the pancreas on the palm and the foot on the system Su Jok. After analyzing the data, set the inclusion in the complex treatment of chronic pancreatitis DENS-therapy area (2-d group) and dotted (group 3) impacts on average reduced symptoms dyspepsia respectively 48,0 % and 65.0 %; abdominal pain – 47,0 % 46,0 %; astheno-neurotic symptoms on 41,0 % 53,0 %; the existence of anemic syndrome by 19,0% and 18,0 %; allergic symptoms 32,0% and 31,0 %; manifestations of hypovitaminosis 25,0 % and 21,0% of. The quality of life of patients with CP under the influence of various correction schemes have increased on average in 1-shy group by 29,1 %, in the 2nd group, 48,9 %, and in 3rd – 54,6 %, that allows to recommend inclusion DENS-therapy on the proposed schemes in complex treatment of patients on CP.

Keywords: chronic pancreatitis, DENS-therapy, quality of life

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