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УЖМБС 2016, 1(2): 105–108

Ischemic Heart Disease and Role of Nurse of Cardiology Department

Kozak K. І.

Objective: to study the role of the nurse in the prevention of coronary heart disease in patients Chortkiv hospital cardiology department patients and awareness of risk factors. Because morbidity and mortality of coronary heart disease is increasing, the age of the disease as younger, only nurses can prevent and stop the development of coronary artery disease, since only targeted prevention can reduce these figures. Object and methods used in the work: patients with coronary artery disease surveillance survey (questionnaire), analysis and statistical processing of data using computer software «Excel», «Word». Results and discussion. The articles presents data on awareness survey cardiology department patients with risk factors and prevention of coronary artery disease. Conclusions. Ukraine is one of the first places in Europe in mortality from diseases of the circulatory system. In Europe, cardiovascular disease causes about 40% of all deaths of persons under the age of 75 years, including sudden cardiac death is more than 60%. Incidence of Ukraine's population for cardiovascular diseases and output them to the first rank in the structure of total mortality suggest growing prevalence of this disease and an unfavorable indicator of health. The development and progress of coronary heart disease depends on the presence of the following risk factors: high cholesterol, smoking, increased blood pressure, impaired glucose metabolism, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle. Given the medical and social problems of cardiovascular disease urgency about the role of the nurse in the prevention of these diseases is increasing. The study found that patients large deficit of knowledge about healthy lifestyles, physical activity, clear performances doctor's prescriptions and neglect their health in general, and the imperfection of health workers in the prevention of the disease among the population. Thus, there is a need to involve nurses with higher medical education, take part in lectures, organized discussions with patients at health care facilities.

Keywords: coronary artery disease, risk factors, incidence, prevention, nurse and her role

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