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УЖМБС 2022, 7(6): 81–88
Clinical Medicine

Treatment of Stress-Induced Disorders in Women with Uterus Leiomyoma on the Background of Hormone Therapy during the Wartime

Doroga O. P., Ovodyuk N. M., Shestak N. V., Hlabets S. P., Matsyshyn V. S.

The purpose of the study was to assess psychosomatic changes and determine clinical and laboratory indicators in women with uterine fibroids under the conditions of using hormonal therapy and a drug with anxiolytic effect. Materials and methods. The study analyzed the results of 60 women with uterine fibroids who had anxiety disorder symptoms. The patients were divided into two groups: Group I – patients with uterine fibroids who took combined oral contraceptives (n=30); Group II – patients with uterine fibroids who took the anxiolytic medication fabomotizole concurrently with combined oral contraceptives (n=30). Results and discussion. The research established that patients with uterine fibroids had a change in their psycho-emotional state with a tendency to a high level of anxiety and depression. Treatment with combined oral contraceptives and fabomotizole demonstrated a more stable emotional background as compared to patients who took only combined oral contraceptives. The percentage of patients with the low level anxiety increased and the percentage of patients with the high level anxiety decreased. Among women who were treated with combined oral contraceptives only, there was still a considerable proportion of patients with high levels of anxiety and depression. It was found that the use of combined oral contraceptives in combination does not result in changes regrading the size of the tumor compared to the indicators of patients who did not take the drug with an anxiolytic effect. However, this group of patients demonstrated a tendency to stabilize the growth of nodes, to decrease clinical manifestations in the form of pain and intermenstrual bleeding in the first months of taking combined oral contraceptives. It should be noted that in patients who were not administered fabomotizole, the studied indicators remained at a lower level compared to the indicators of patients who were prescribed this drug. Probably, restoration of the psycho-emotional state in women with uterine fibroids under the influence of fabomotizole increases the effectiveness of hormonal therapy. Conclusion. The patients of both studied groups were shown to have developed pronounced anemia, which was confirmed by low values of hemoglobin in the blood, and the levels of ferritin and transferrin in the blood serum decreased. An increase in the studied indicators was observed after combined oral contraceptive treatment, and specifically after treatment with a combination of combined oral contraceptives and fabomotizole. However, the levels of ferritin and transferrin remained at a lower level compared to normal values

Keywords: uterus myoma, combined oral contraceptives, medical care effectiveness, diagnostic algorithm, reproductive health, anti-anxiety therapy, anxiolytics

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