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УЖМБС 2022, 7(2): 209–213
Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy

Modern Views on Physical Rehabilitation of Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joint

Ibrahimov E. Yu., Horodynskyi S. I., Teleki Ya. M., Olinyk O. Yu., Honcharuk L. M.

The purpose of the study was to study the main programs of physical rehabilitation in osteoarthritis of the knee joints based on an analytical analysis of current literature data. Materials and methods. Analytical and bibliosemantic methods were used in the research. Results and discussion. Treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee begins with conservative methods and moves to surgical treatment options when conservative treatment fails. Although drugs can help slow the progression of the pathology of inflammatory conditions, nevertheless, physical rehabilitation of patients is important for patients with any pathology of the knee joint. The main tasks contributing to the achievement of the goal of physical rehabilitation of patients with knee osteoarthritis are their integration into a quality social life, improving health and quality of life, lengthening the asymptomatic period. Although there is currently insufficient evidence to recommend one form of exercise instead of another, patients are likely to benefit from as specific advice as possible rather than simply encouraging exercise. Given the wide range of sound factual exercises that effectively reduce the intensity of pain and improve motor function in osteoarthritis, all patients should be encouraged to consider a particular type of exercise as a central part of their treatment plan. Individual approach to an individual patient is more effective and controls the correctness and regularity of exercise better. The article discusses in detail the methods of teaching patients and the effectiveness of patients performing physical exercises at home. These techniques have demonstrated a reduction in the severity of pain and an improvement in the functional mobility of the knee joints. Conclusion. Consequently, physical exercises help to reduce the severity of pain in the knee joints and improve functional mobility in osteoarthritis. The treatment of osteoarthritis requires a comprehensive and individualized approach to the patient. When choosing treatment methods, one should take into account the form and degree of neglect of osteoarthritis, concomitant diseases, as well as the availability of this therapy and the wishes of the patient. Education on the topic of the disease and its treatment options is the main element of therapeutic tactics. The use of remote patient education technologies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, quality control of exercise performance shows a decrease in the burden on primary care physicians and improves disease control. Multidisciplinary teams consisting of a rheumatologist, orthopedist, physiotherapist and psychologist must supervise patients

Keywords: osteoarthritis, gonarthrosis, treatment, physical activity, rehabilitation

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