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УЖМБС 2021, 6(4): 58–63
Experimental Medicine

Histochemical Study of the Processes of Protein Oxidative Modification and Limited Proteolysis in the Endothelium of Myometrial Vessels in the Projection of the Utero-Placental Bed during Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy

Tiulienieva O. A.

Utero-placental bed is the cumulation of gestationally altered endometrium at the place of ovum attachment to the uterine wall. As far as the protein oxidative modification and limited proteolysis in iron deficiency anemia are due to the fact that in conditions of hypoxia, free radical processes in the blood and tissues are enhanced, and iron deficiency is additionally able to cause hemodynamic disorders because of endothelial dysfunction in the vessels of the utero-placental area. The purpose of the study was to establish histochemical features of protein oxidative modification and limited proteolysis in the endotheliocytes of myometrial vessels in the projection of the utero-placental area depending on the degree of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women. Materials and methods. By histochemical methods of Mikel Calvo, using reactions with bromophenol blue on "acidic" and "basic" proteins, and the method of A. Yasumа and T. Ichikawa, ninhydrin-Schiff reaction to free amino groups of proteins to assess the degree of limited proteolysis, in combination with computer microspectrophotometry and microdensitometry, quantitative characteristics of oxidative modification of proteins and limited proteolysis in endotheliocytes of myometrial segments of the utero-placental vessels in iron deficiency anemia of pregnant women were established. 74 biopsies of the observed uterine-placental area in physiological pregnancy and gestation based on iron deficiency anemia of I, II and III degrees of severity were investigated. Results and discussion. In physiological pregnancy, the intensity of oxidative modification of proteins and limited proteolysis is the lowest in endotheliocytes of myometrial segments of the spiral arteries and the highest one is in the endothelium of the vessels of the microcirculatory tract of the utero-placental area. In gestations based on iron deficiency anemia, intensification of proteins oxidative modification and limited proteolysis in the endothelium of all types of myometrial vessels of the projection of the utero-placental bed correlates with the severity of anemia. Iron deficiency anemia greatly affects the modification of proteins in the endothelial cells mostly of myometrial segments of spiral arteries of the placental bed. Conclusion. Intensification of protein oxidative modification and limited proteolysis in endotheliocytes of all type vessels of myometrium of the uterine-placental area formed by iron deficiency can be considered as a significant factor of endothelial dysfunction and a predictor of hemodynamic disorders of the placental bed

Keywords: protein oxidative modification, limited proteolysis, endotheliocytes, myometrium, placental bed biopsies, iron deficiency anemia in pregnancy

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