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УЖМБС 2020, 5(5): 229–235
Social medicine and organization of health care

Hospital Districts: Modern Issues of Activity

Stovban M. P. 1, Mikhalchuk V. M. 2, Tolstanov O. K. 2, Gbur Z. V. 2

The article examines the state of development of hospital districts. According to the results of the research, the urgency of solving the issue of improving the regulatory framework governing the activities of hospital districts was determined. Today, health care is the most pressing issue at the global level and affects the whole society, and the issue of ensuring the right to health care for everyone is enshrined at different levels: internationally, it is declared in the WHO statute; also reflected in the regulatory framework of regional organizations, the constitution of the European Union, enshrined in the national constitutions of all countries. Ukraine is currently in the active stage of reforming the health system and its acute issue in the context of decentralization reform is the formation and operation of hospital districts, the logic of which is based on the territorial availability of quality health care. Given the social significance of hospital districts, the topic of problems of their activities and the development of solutions for their leveling is in demand. Ukraine today has one of the most inefficient hospital systems in the world, the problems of which are the lack of a hospital planning system and the practice of cooperation between local communities and the authorities that represent them. Therefore, an important part of medical reform in terms of reforming and streamlining the network of health care facilities was the approval of the Procedure for the establishment of hospital districts. The study examined the foreign experience of organizing hospital districts, in particular the district of Roth (Bavaria, Germany). A study of the definition of "hospital districts" and identified its main characteristics: the association of health care facilities; providing secondary medical care; clear definition of territory and consumers of services. The mechanism of functioning of the hospital district is considered, its tasks are defined. The principles of work of the main governing body of the hospital district - the hospital council, which is an advisory body and includes representatives of state bodies, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations. The purpose and powers of the hospital council are determined. Hospital districts that should operate in the regions of the country are considered. Conclusion. We revealed the main problems in the activity of hospital districts: inconsistency and lack of sufficient regulatory framework on the issue of the process of creating hospital districts; lack of methodological recommendations in the formation of hospital districts on the list of functions of a multidisciplinary hospital and the types of its departments that should operate within it; lack of attention to the assessment of regional features during the formation of hospital districts; unresolved personnel problem; unresolved issues of public access to medical services. We also suggested the ways to solve them

Keywords: development, population, health care, social sphere, medicine, reform, hospital district

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