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УЖМБС 2020, 5(2): 77–83
Experimental Medicine

Evaluation of the Influence of Chondroitin Sulfate on Morphometric Parameters of the Knee Joint, Pain Threshold and Biochemical Indices in Rats at Experimental Osteoarthritis

Nosivets D. S.

To date, the attention of researchers has attracted questions related to the study of the effectiveness of the use of chondroitin sulfate in osteoarthritis and various comorbid conditions. However, today the discussion continues about the advisability of prescribing chondroitin sulfate for osteoarthritis, its effectiveness depending on the stage of the disease and the dose of the drug, the effect on the inflammatory process and the state of bone and cartilage due to degenerative-dystrophic process. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of chondroitin sulfate on the morphometric dimensions of the knee joint, pain threshold and biochemical parameters in rats during experimental osteoarthritis. Material and methods. The study was conducted on 90 white non-linear rats of both sexes, weighing 200-250 g, which were kept under standard conditions of the vivarium of the State Institution “DMA Ministry of Health of Ukraine”. Experimental osteoarthritis was reproduced by a single intraarticular injection of 0.1 ml of a solution of monoiodoacetic acid into the knee joint, which was prepared at the rate of 3 mg of reagent per 50 μl of sterile saline. After the development of experimental osteoarthritis on the 28th day of the experiment, the animals were divided into 3 groups: group I - intact rats (n = 10); group II — rats with “without treatment” osteoarthritis (n = 40), group III — rats with osteoarthritis who were intramuscularly injected with chondroitin sulfate (n = 40). Results and discussion. The study conducted a morphometric (macroscopic) assessment of the condition of the joints, studied changes in the threshold of pain sensitivity in the test of electrodermal tail irritation and the assessment of biochemical parameters. The collection of biological material (blood) was performed on days 28 and 56 of the experiment. On the 56th day of the experiment, all animals after the collection of biological material were removed from the study by decapitation under general anesthesia. Statistical data processing was performed using the STATISTICA 6.1 software package (StatSoftInc., Serial number AGAR909E415822FA). Conclusion. As a result of the study, it was found that the administration of chondroitin sulfate contributes to a positive effect on the course of experimental osteoarthritis in rats, which is characterized by a decrease in the size of the affected joints, restoration of the pain threshold and normalization of the level of biochemical markers in blood serum, and the obtained results substantiate the advisability of prescribing chondroitin sulfate in osteoarthritis and reflect the role of the drug in the treatment of a pathological condition.

Keywords: chondroitin sulfate, experimental osteoarthritis, biochemical changes, pain threshold, joint morphometry

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