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УЖМБС 2019, 4(6): 255–259

Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy of Using Aprotinin Fluctuophoresis after Dental Surgery

Paterega N., Ogonovsky R.

Methods for prevention and treatment of local inflammatory complications after surgery in the distal segment of the mandible were developed. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy of the combined use of aprotinin and fluctuating current in the treatment of acute inflammatory response caused by surgery in the distal segment of mandible. Material and methods. Surgical treatment of 30 patients aged 16-28 years for lower third molars retention was performed. Patients of the main group during the first 3 days after impacted lower third molars surgery were performed on the site of lesions of the external oral fluctuophoresis of aprotinin. A device of low-frequency electrotherapy "Radius - 01" (Belarus) and a drug on the basis of aprotinin called "Kontriven", Biopharma, PrAT, Kyiv were used. Results and discussion.The results of the study showed that the combined use of aprotinin and fluctuating current in the form of fluctuophoresis contributed to a faster reduction of the manifestations of acute inflammatory reaction, which was clinically manifested by a statistically significant decrease in the intensity of pain, soft tissue swelling, the inflammatory contracture and local temperature. On the third day pain scores decreased in the main group by 41.3 %, against 34.0% in the comparison group (p<0.05). The increase in soft tissue of edema on the lesion side was 18.7 % lower in the main group than in the comparison group (p<0.01). The rate of inflammatory contracture in the patients of the main group decreased by 40.3%, against 17.9 % (p<0.01) in the comparison group. Cheek thickening on the 5th day decreased by 69 % in the main group and by 31 % in the comparison group (р<0.01). Local thermometry analysis revealed a statistically significant difference between the clinical groups (p<0.01), starting from the 3rd postoperative day. Conclusions. Fluctuating current has an anti-inflammatory effect, and when combined with its medication increases this positive effect. The use of aprotinin, which has anti-quinine properties, reduces inflammation, swelling and pain, improves microcirculation and healing of postoperative wounds, is advisable after surgery. The developed and tested treatment method promotes faster elimination in the early postoperative period of clinical manifestations of acute inflammatory reaction (pain, soft tissue swelling, trismus, local hyperthermia), is affordable and effective and can be used in the practice of dental surgeons.

Keywords: fluctuophoresis, aprotinin, lower molars

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