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УЖМБС 2018, 3(5): 203–208

Effectiveness of Applying Plastic Stimulating Medicines on Biochemical Parameters of Oral Liquid of Patients with Gingival Recession

Iskiv M. O. 1, Avdeev O. V. 2

Significant prevalence of periodontal diseases is an acute unresolved problem of modern dentistry. Recently, much attention has been paid to the study of the gum recession process, as one of the symptoms of periodontal disease. Taking into account the above-said, we considered it relevant and promising to develop and implement adequate comprehensive treatment for patients with gum recurrence in dental practice. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of application plastic stimulating medicines on biochemical parameters of oral liquid in patients with gingival recession Materials and methods. The complex of therapeutic measures was carried out on 106 patients. The oral fluid was collected in the morning on an empty stomach without stimulation for biochemical study. The degree of recession in the gums was determined by the classification of P. D. Miller (1985). Determination of the content of malonic dialdehyde formed in the process of lipoperoxidation and was carried out spectrophotometrically by reaction with thiobarbituric acid. Determination of catalase activity was carried out by M. A. Corolyuk. The activity of alkaline phosphatase was determined using dietolamine buffer (BUF), unit of measurement U/I (conventional units). The statistical computation of numerical values was performed on a computer using standard statistical methods with the student's t-criterion, on the basis of which the algorithms for calculating the values entered in the table (Linux operating system, MySQL database, Perl programming language) were processed. Results and discussion. After 12 months of examination, with the use of Surzcherm and Hyalum metzolift drugs, the MDA value in the oral liquid of the subjects increased slightly, but remained significantly lower with respect to the data before treatment, p <0.01. At the same time, persons with recession in the gums, where Complex 1 and Complex 2 were used, observed a further decrease in the content of MDA in the oral liquid, and the findings remained significantly lower, both with respect to the values before treatment, p <0.01, and in comparison with data in the use of Surzhderm (p1 <0.05; 0.01), so with Hyalum metzolift (p2 <0.01; p3 <0.01). The activity of catalase after 12 months of oral fluids in patients treated with Surzhederm, p <0.05, Complex 1 and Complex 2, p <0.01, for the treatment of recurrence of gums, remained significantly higher with regard to data before treatment. At the same time, in patients using Hyalum metzolift, the significance of catalase activity did not differ statistically reliable from data to treatment, p> 0.05. At the same time, an increase in the activity values of the analyzed enzyme, when using Complex 1 and Complex 2, was significantly higher than with Surzhderm, p1 <0.01 and Hyalum metzolift, p2 <0.01. After 12 months of follow-up, the values of LF activity in the oral fluid were determined using Surzhderm, p <0.05, Complex 1 and Complex 2, p <0.01, but the values of the analyzed index remained significantly higher with respect to the data before treatment. At the same time, with the use of Hyalummetzolift, the activity of LF in the oral fluid of the subjects was equal to the baseline data, p> 0.05, and was significantly lower than the data using Complex 1, p2 <0.01 and Complex 2, p3 <0.01. Conclusions. Consequently, our proposed plastic-stimulating therapy in the future allowed providing positive clinical dynamics in the long term of observation.

Keywords: gingival recession, oral fluid, malonic dialdehyde, catalase, alkaline phosphatase

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