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УЖМБС 2017, 2(4): 102–106
Clinical Medicine

Evaluation of the Functional State of Patients with Iron-Dificit Anemia by the Data of Standard Instrumental Methods and Kirlianography

PesotskaIa L. A.1, Hetman M. G.1, Simonova T. A.1, Yevstigneev I. V.1, Zamotayev T. V.2

The aim of the study was to compare the ECG, spirometry, kirlianography of IDA patients’ fingers to evaluate the functional state of their organisms. Materials and methods. We examined 35 patients with IDA in age from 21 to 46, including 10 men and 25 women. According to the severity of anemia, patients were divided into groups: 1 gr. with Hв more 80 g/l (average 92 g/l), 17 р.; 2 gr. with Hв less 80 g/l (average of 70 g/l), 18 р. The cause of anemia was uterine bleeding in women, and hemorrhoids or gastrointestinal in men. We conducted standard clinical, hematological, biochemical blood tests, ECG, assessment of respiratory function spirometry. For kirlianography of hospitalized patients’ fingers we used the device "Kirlian Bioelectrography", the x-ray film, standard conditions of its developing. We found out that there was normal crown radiation around the fingers represented by the inner solid oval, medium strilenim layer with a clearly discernible print, the outer layer of a thin radiation (luminescence). Based on the diagnostic card of P. Mandel, K. Korotkov, and our own research, in the crown of the radiation we have chosen a combination of the following symptoms: loss of streamers, the inconstancy of the picture on the same fingers on each hand, which is characteristic of emotional instability, autonomic and endocrine deregulation (endocrine type of the illumination according to claim Mandela); a point of protrusion in the crown radiation (a toxic type of emission) that characterize the voltage of the cell metabolism, the seal pattern of the streamers of the corona radiations with an increase in the area of illumination, which corresponds to the dystrophic changes, restructuring of the tissue (degenerative type of illumination). Functional changes in heart and external respiration are not always correlated with indicators of anemia. It is important to assign adequate therapy is the state of reserves the compensatory reactions of adaptation on the part of the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system, which reflect the ECG and spirogram in complex. It was revealed that their changes are also not always correlated. Inconsistency of anemia severity or hypoxia with impaired respiratory function and cardiac activity reflect different compensatory reserves of adaptive reactions of the organism, the cellular metabolism in general. Reducing them may indicate emerging or already existing pathology of the organs of these systems, but without clinical manifestations. This was demonstrated by Kirlian photographic studies of patients’ fingers. The frequency of occurrence of illumination changes types in the photograms of patients’ fingers in the 1st and 2nd groups slightly differ. The trend in the different kirlianography signs are more pronounced between the groups of patients with more and less severe disturbances of respiratory function and heart. In particular, as they strengthen the endocrine, the type of emission decreases with the increase of intoxication signs and a degenerative type signs. The latter reflect the expressed metabolic disorders at the cellular level, reduced aerobic and increased anaerobic mechanisms of metabolism, low reserves of adaptation to adverse factors, in this case hypoxia. Conclusions: The energy status of the patients according to the phonograms of their fingers did not correlate with the severity of anemia, indicating different reserves of compensatory reactions of adaptation. Patients with iron deficit anemia revealed the discrepancy of the degree of functional disorders of the heart and external respiration in some cases. There are regularities between the type of Kirlian luminescence and functional state of the cardiac and respiratory systems of the patients. In the complex examination of patients with IDA, it is advisable to include kirlianography of fingers, as a rapid method of assessing the degree of cell metabolic disorders for the purpose adequate treatment and prognosis of the disease.

Keywords: anemia, ECG, spirometry, kirlianography, metabolism

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