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УЖМБС 2016, 1(1): 71–73

Dynamics of Bioelectric Activity of the Brain and Concentration of Neuromediators at Therapy of Experimental Chronic Stomach Ulcer at Rats

Makarenko A.N.1, Fedulova L.V.2, Petrov F.I.3, Arashanova E.B.1

The article presents the study of influence of therapeutic and prophylactic agents of animal origin on the background of experimental reproduction of chronic gastric ulcer. Particular attention was paid to the changes of autonomic nervous system and their relationships in animals with chronic gastric ulcer. Studies conducted on 40 Wistar laboratory rats weighing (200 ± 20) g. Sustainable gastric ulcer was reproduced by immobilization stress for one month and by injection of solution of acetic acid into the submucosa pyloric part of stomach , after which histamine dihydrochloride solution was injected every 3rd day. The final injection of acetic acid solution was under the mucous membrane of the pyloric part of stomach. Therapeutic and prophylactic agent, freeze-dried aqueous salt extracts of the pancreas, duodenum and gastric mucosa of pigs was injected intraperitonal to experimental group after completion of the simulation for 28 days. The character of bioelectric activity was evaluated using electrophysiological recordings of the brain. To assess the state of the sympathetic-adrenal system determines the content of serum catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and monoamine oxidase activity), cholinergic processes - by acetylcholine activity, true and false cholinesterases. Analysis and comparison of the results showed that under the influence of therapeutic and prophylactic agent the character of fluctuations of the background bioelectric activity of brain structures changes in the direction of increasing frequency and amplitude of beta and alpha waves, while the amplitude and, in particular, the frequency of delta waves have tends to decrease. Showed an increase of functional activity of the parasympathetic part of the CNS and the reduction in the blood of experimental rats treated with therapeutic and preventive agent level indicators characterizing sympathoadrenal system. It was shown that significant increase (to 70%) in the level of acetylcholine in the experimental animals due to lower (by 44%) cholinesterase activity, increasing of the level of adrenaline to 20%, a slight increase in noradrenaline and decrease of monoamine oxidase activity by 10%.

Keywords: : bioelectric activity of the brain, neuromediators, experimental chronic stomach ulcer, rats

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