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JMBS 2019, 4(1): 307–311
Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Mapping of the Olympic Education Projects

Perederii Vira

The development of the Olympic education in Ukraine began from the creation of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine in 1991. Today, the Ukrainian model of the Olympic education is considered one of the best models in the world. Further developing of the Olympic education in Ukraine requires using innovative approaches for the implementation and introduction of the Olympic education. However, it is very important to take into account that the forms of the Olympic Education to fit and to compliance with the “time” requirements of the country. Therefore, an urgent task is a detailed analysis of the existing Olympic education forms for identifying its characteristics, its comparison and comparison of the possibilities for effectiveness of solving the tasks. The purpose of the study was to hold a comparative analysis and systematization of the existing forms of the Olympic education. Material and methods. In the process of research, we compared the characteristic features of the existing forms of Olympic education. To obtain the results of the research we used the following methods: analysis of scientific and methodological literature, documentary materials analysis, comparison method, and mapping. Results and discussion. In order to systematize and characterize the main projects of the Olympic education in Ukraine, we created the mapping of existing projects of the Olympic education, which describes the projects age groups, content, formats, responsible organizations and its scale (international, national, regional, local). For the purpose of comparative analysis of the main projects of the Olympic education in Ukraine, we determined the following significant characteristics: Age groups of projects (target audiences); Project formats; Organizations responsible for project implementation; Scope of projects. Conclusion. We can divide the existing projects of the Olympic Education in Ukraine into projects with policy documents for its regulation and projects implemented by local initiative of physical education teachers or other activists in few educational institutions. The mapping of the Olympic education helped to visualize the overall picture of the existing projects that are implemented in Ukraine, and to group them by characteristic features. In addition, summaries of the existing Olympic Education projects gave rise to the foundation of the new form of the Olympic Education, which would be fit, and compiling with the “time” requirements of the country. It is called #OlympicLab.

Keywords: mapping, Olympic education, Olympic Academy of Ukraine

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