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JMBS 2020, 5(2): 198–202

The Influence of Geochronoclimatic Factors on the Indexes of the Humoral Link of Systemic Immunity

Sobol E. V.

The availability of high-speed transport allows people to travel long distances in a short time, as well as to cross few time and climatic zones. Rapid change of time, geographical and climatic zones cause functional changes in the human organism, and first of all in the immune system. The purpose of our research was to find out changes in humoral link of systemic immunity of people who overcame over 6500 km and crossed few geographical, time, and climatic zones. Material and methods. 50 volunteers were divided into two groups and took part in research. The first control group included 25 people, the second experiment group had 25 persons in it. All volunteers were practically healthy people aged from 25 to 45 years. The study was conducted observing norms and laws of Ukraine about Bioethics. We studied general amount of leucocytes, relative and absolute amount of lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes by means of the methodology of monoclonal antibodies, concentration of immunoglobulins in serum of peripheral blood of classes IgA, IgM, IgG. All obtained results were statistically processed according to generally accepted methodologies. Results and discussion. We conducted the research of indexes of peripheral blood in both groups before the beginning, and in the 2nd group they were measured right after flight and twenty-four hours after flight. The obtained results showed that under the influence of these factors the absolute amount of leucocytes decreased. The content of lymphocytes underwent various directional changes: there was a tendency to increase absolute values right after the flight, but there was a decrease in twenty-four hours after the flight. Right after the flight the content of B-lymphocytes (CD19) increased. In twenty-four hours after the flight there was a tendency to decrease in absolute amount of B-lymphocytes; relative values remained at the same level. Thus, our research proved that geochronoclimatic factors caused worsening of anti-infective-antibacterial protection of systemic immunity. Conclusion. The humoral link of systemic immunity under the influence of geochronoclimatic factors is characterized by activation of immunoglobulin secretion of IgG and IgA, which is confirmed by a decrease in the absolute amount of B-lymphocytes in the peripheral blood.

Keywords: humoral link of systemic immunity, geochronoclimatic factors

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