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JMBS 2018, 3(7): 303–308
Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

The Effectiveness of Competition in Professional Racing in the USA (on the Example of «NASCAR» and «IndyCar»)

Khimenes Kh., Bilyk O.

The system of competitions in professional auto racing is characterized by various multi-structural aspects. In the USA, «NASCAR» and «Verizon IndyCar Series» are the most popular car races. The purpose of the study was to identify the characteristic features of ensuring the effectiveness of competition systems in professional US auto racing and compare them. Research methods: analysis and generalization of data from scientific and methodological literature, analysis of documentary materials, video observation of competitive activities. The features of the competition systems, in most cases are excellent: the availability of various responsible structures for the conduct of the competition, the number of stages, the way of the competition, the content of races, the days of the competition, the points system, the number of teams, vehicle specifications, type of routes and availability "Top-trails", indicators of maximum speed during the race, interest of spectators, the number of "pit stops" for the race and their duration, the territory was held manufacturers of cars. An important common feature, a super series of these auto racing, is their organization in the USA. Competitions are subject to different governing structures, which are responsible for their development. There is a clear calendar of competitions, which aims at maximizing the interest of spectators, sponsors and teams. The sports regulations of professional racing in the USA are characterized mainly by the distinctive features, the components of which are related to the number of stages and teams participating, the points system, the technical parameters of cars, the specifics of the tracks, the geography of the competitions and additional approaches of public interest. The commonality of auto racing is observed in the content part of the race, the days of the competition of certain regulatory components and the representation in the role of the manufacturer-cars of the American company Chevrolet. The sports regulations are based mainly on the distinctive features. In particular, the number of stages and teams participating in the competition, the points system, the technical parameters of cars, the specifics of the routes, the geography of the competitions and additional mechanisms of public interest are different. At the same time, the content of the auto race has many similarities. In particular, the number of pit stops and, in some cases, the possibility of using cars of the same brand is the same. Conclusions. Despite the excellent in many respects characteristic signs of organizing and conducting competitions in the races of NASCAR and Verizon IndyCar Series, their popularity is growing from year to year. This is due primarily to the organizers of these competitions, the needs and wishes of viewers, sports traditions of the United States and the traditions of the most explored races.

Keywords: auto racing, special features, competition «NASCAR», «Verizon IndyCar Series»

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