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JMBS 2018, 3(7): 289–296
Physical training and Sport. Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Effectiveness of the Performance of Ukrainian National Teams of Greco-Roman Style Wrestlers of Different Age Groups at the Main International Competitions

Palatnyy A.

The achievements of athletes in the international sports arena became the subject of research for a large number of scientists in the field of physical education and sports. However, the current scientific studies lack the information on the effectiveness of the performance of Ukraine national teams of Greco-Roman style wrestlers of different age groups at the main international competitions. This fact explains the topicality of scientific attitude to the studies of Greco-Roman wrestling onset and advance in Ukraine. This might enable further analysis of general approaches to Greco-Roman wrestling development. The purpose of the study was to find out quantitative and qualitative indicators of the performance of Ukrainian Greco-Roman wrestlers of different age groups at the main international contests. Material and methods. Objective information on the performance of Ukrainian athletes at the main international competitions has become available since 2000. During 2000-2017 the Greco-Roman wrestlers from Ukraine have represented our country in the following competitions: European and World Championships (athletes under 23 years old), junior, cadets age-group European and World Championships, The Servicemen World Championship and Junior Olympic Games. The years 2002-2017 witnessed the extension of the number of competitions where athletes from different age groups could display their level of efficiency, comparing it with the representative from other countries. These competitions include not only the World Cup contests for athletes of different age groups, but also new events, like international meetings for athletes under 23, or Junior Olympic Games. Results and discussion. It is necessary to pay attention to the increase in the number of competitions during 2002-2017 where athletes of different age groups can demonstrate their level of preparedness and oppose it to representatives of other countries. This is not only an additional competition in the same age categories (World Cup), but also the appearance of others (under 23 and the Junior Olympic Games). Conclusions. Analysis of the Greco-Roman wrestlers’ performance showed a decrease in gaining awards in small time intervals, as well as a certain change in the ratio of gold, silver and bronze medals. The reasons for this could be the competition pressure and the decline in the effectiveness of the training system for Greco-Roman wrestlers at various stages of long-term perfection.

Keywords: results, competitions, Greco-Roman wrestling, age groups

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