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JMBS 2018, 3(6): 215–220
Social medicine and organization of health care

Memory Function as a Criterion of Hygienic Donosological Diagnostics of Mental States of Professional Agrarian Lyceum Students

Bogachova O. S.

In the research we studied the influence of the learning environment factors related to the nature and conditions of learning on the functional state of the pupil’s organism, and primarily on its key functions such as short-term and operative memory; and the dependence of teenagers’ functional state on their psychological state, the objective basis of which are the donosological mental states. The purpose of the study was to establish the criteria role of short-term and operative memory in the psycho diagnostics of the functional state of the central nervous system and prediction of the adaptive capabilities of teenagers who study agrarian specialties at the professional agrarian lyceum. Materials and methods. 110 students aged 15-18 studying the agrarian specialties at the Odnobobovsky Professional Agrarian Lyceum were under supervision. We divided them into 3 groups. A study of spreading of donosological conditions was carried out with the help of a "psycho diagnostic questionnaire for high school pupils ". The volume of mechanical memory was assessed with the help of the "Method of full reproduction of the numerical series". The operative memory was studied by using the "Numeric Square" technique. Results and discussion. The general trend for all three investigated groups was decreasing in the indicators of mechanical short-term memory, operative memory and performance information search (as an indicator of the efficiency of information reproduction). This fact can be explained by changes in students’ functional state. Almost half of the examined students had some changes in the state of mental health. Conclusion. Memory is a criteria function that allows identifying the risks of developing donosological conditions, which are pre-pathological conditions leading to a risk of mental abnormalities for this kind of students.

Keywords: professional agrarian lyceum, short-term memory, operative memory, donosological mental states

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