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JMBS 2018, 3(2): 181–184
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Problems of the Forensic Service Organization in a Special Period

Ergard N. N.

In the time when an antiterrorist operation (hereinafter – ATO) is continuing in the east of Ukraine, there is a need for scientific developments in the organization of forensic examination in this period. The purpose of the study was to scientifically substantiate the problem issues related to providing forensic medical service during a special period in discussion framework. Materials and Methods. The analysis of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Order No.6 dated 17.01.1995 “On the Development and Improvement of the Forensic Medical Service of Ukraine”, the Law of Ukraine “On Forensic Examination” and the Law of Ukraine “On the Defense of Ukraine” and proposed ways to resolve them. Results and discussion. Forensic examination could be conducted at the Center for Forensic Examination of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, however, it was eliminated in 2013 and all the developments carried out there in this direction were stopped. It should also be noted that this direction of scientific research is not only new, but also acute now. There is no place in the civilian offices of forensic medical examination to conduct sorting of the deceased for further establishment of their injuries, identifying unknown individuals, and providing an algorithm for forensic experts in a special period. Today, forensic medical examination of people killed in the ATO zone is conducted on the basis of civilian forensic medical offices. However, it should be noted that the civilian bureau is also loaded with dead civilians, whose death is not related to the ATO. Therefore, the autopsy of dead soldiers does not begin immediately, but in a certain order in accordance with the loading of the bureau. Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also faces the question of transporting the dead to civilian offices which also take some time. As a result, there are no places for storing corpses, which leads to acceleration of hostile changes in the corps, especially in summer time. Conclusion. All the problems described above show that there are still issues urgent problems in forensic medical services in a special period, so it is expedient to consider them in a discussion plan.

Keywords: forensic medical examination, antiterrorist operation, forensic medical bureau, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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