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JMBS 2017, 2(7): 16–22
Theoretical and methodical aspects of physical education and sport

Training Load Parameters Optimization in Power Fitness Based on Analysis of Biochemical Serum Control in Athletes

Dubachinsky O. V., Slavityak O. S., Minenko A. V., Dovgan A. V., Sokur Yu. V.

The article presents the results of studying the problem concerning the misunderstanding of the mechanisms for optimizing the training loads, as well as the patterns of changes in the cortisol content in blood of athletes of various qualifications. This limits the phenomenon of the special adaptation reactions of an organism, excluding the scientific substantiation of the training process, especially in power sports. We enrolled 80 volunteers aged 20-2 in the process of laboratory blood testing. There were 4 research groups formed, different in terms of primary physical state level and the volumes of physical activity provided for them. During experimental studies it was found out that cortisol level in blood of the young men fixed in rest 90 days before starting physical activity showed an uneven downward trend in all experimental groups, regardless of the initial level of fitness in participants. Thus, the average reduction in cortisol in the blood ranges from 0.8 to 32.7% compared with the original. In turn, the results fixed immediately after the training session, demonstrated the multidirectional dynamics of the indicator under study at all stages of the experiment, even among beginners. For example, cortisol level of the first and second groups representatives showed the tendency to decrease by 14.8% (p <0.05). The third and fourth groups representatives fixed a tendency to increase the test of the hymn by 29.9% (p <0.05) within the same program of training sessions. So, the first two groups’ results contradicted the second two groups. It was also found out that using different exercise regimes with participants of the experimental research had many-sided effect in the process of training sessions. Moreover, the dynamics of cortisol in blood does not depend on the level of fitness. In this case we did not observe the hormone levels going beyond the physiological limits.

Keywords: cortisol, long training process, physical activity, power fitness

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